Talking Heads Love25

Nov 16 2019 - Jan 12 2020 @ 5:00 pm - Midnight

These two spectacular heads by the Hungarian artist Viktor Vicsek show countless emotions. People use muscles for facial expressions, these Heads through all the possibilities of light. Per head, some 4,000 individually controllable LEDs provide different facial expressions.

Viktor Vicsek

Viktor Vicsek was born in Serbia but has been living in Budapest, Hungary, for the majority of his life. He has been working for more than twenty years with light projections, spending a couple of years being part of the Intermedia Department at the University of Fine Arts. He has designed projections for theatre scenes and interactive dance performances as well as created 3D animations for projection mapping with his company, Limelight. Vicsek’s animations have been projected in cities such as New York, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Tokyo, Shariah, Dubai and at light festivals in Poland, Slovakia and Finland.

This light artwork is being featured at the Winter Festival of Lights this winter in partnership with the Light Art Collection.