Roseaux Love13

Nov 16 2019 - Jan 12 2020 @ 5:00 pm - Midnight

Finding your balance has never been more fun than with Roseaux, a “participative ” and interactive installation. Composed of individual reeds that rise high in the sky, Roseaux, aka cattails, invite users to swing on the chromatic wheel so that its colours can infiltrate their rod to the sound of the passing wind. In standby mode, light and sound pulses calling for activation while poetically animating the square. Alone or in groups, a will appears, stabilize its stem in an upright position and find the balance to achieve effervescence. During this moment of balance, the light changes from a solid color to a luminous animations. The sound ambiance follows the parade for a rhythmic and playful climax.

Creator: 1ToMn
Collaborators: UDO Design, Anoki, Serge Maheu, Patrick Belzile
Tour Producer: Creos